172 Allen Street, 2nd floor (btwn Stanton & Rivington)

Regina Noroutite

1 Why do you like it hot ?

Its challenging. It makes me limber. I would rather sweat like crazy than “sort of sweat”. It builds stamina. Builds heart strength. It helps me to get out of my head and concentrate on only the tasks in the room.

2 What are your personal tips to Bikram LES students?

Work slowly through the postures and don’t give up !

3 As a child, what did you want to be…..?


4 Tell about your first kiss ?

I don’t remember -:)

5 What is your most prized possession?

My health, my skills, and my creativity and my favorite people friends.

6 What’s your guilty pleasure?

Lemon Ice Cream by Hagen Daz

7 what is your most embarrassing moment ….? 

8 What were you doing the day you decided you were going to be a Bikram yoga teacher?

I practice Bikram yoga for a six months and i decided this is what i wanted to do.

9 What’s the best/worst thing about being a Bikram

Best is my in-shapeness and the way it makes me feel good. Worst is full locust.

10 What was the first concert..?


11 Who was your childhood celebrity crush ?

12  Describe your perfect yoga shorts

They make my waist look small cuz they “v” on the waistband. They don’t ride up in-between my legs. They are not too short but not old lady long either. They are made of a sturdy yet silky spandex. They make me look hot.

13 What is the first …?

Take my vitamins

14 What is your sign and birthday?

Leo August 15

15 Have you ever been in love?


16 Say one nice thing ….

Thank you for opening that door.

17 Words or phrases you over use

Um, and um, well.

18 What song best …


19 Do you remember?

HOT  and i wanted to know when it was going to end !

20 What was the first album …?

22 Do you have a most memorable Bikram moment?

The day I took my first class, and the day I took my first class with my favorite teacher; Tricia , whom I named Super Tricia , cuz, I know she can fly!!

23 If you could have any job…?

Bikram yoga techer/owner and interior designer .

24 What is your more favor smell?


25 What is your favorite place to hang out…?