172 Allen Street, 2nd floor (btwn Stanton & Rivington)

Anthony Rebholz


1) Why do you like it hot?

Hot and Wet vs. Cold and Wet…not a tough decision

2) What are your personal tips to Bikram Yoga Lower East Side students?

Focus on your breath. Once I did that my practice completely changed and I had much more balance between my mind and body

3) As a child, what did you want to be “when you grew up?”

An artist, which is what I am…www.rebholution.com…although I never thought, “I wanna be a starving artist” as a kid. I should have been more clear…remember that kids…clarity.

4) Tell us about your first kiss: who, when, where?

Kathy G. In a dark backyard, maybe 7th or 8th grade… We went pretty far…

5) What’s your most prized possession?

My acoustic guitar given to me by a dear old friend and then rebuilt by a master woodworker. It helps me get out the song in my heart.

6) What’s your guilty pleasure?

Pizza…real NY pizza. When I lived in London a friend once brought a whole pie over with him for a visit.


7) What is your most embarrassing moment on the teacher’s box?

I’m an armchair yoga teacher

8) What were you doing the day you decided you were going to be a Bikram Yoga Teacher?

The future is unwritten

9) What’s the best/worst thing about being a Bikram Yoga teacher?

Life on Easy Street those teachers…I’m telling ya the unsung heroes of the studio are the manager and work study…the real foundation of the place.

10) What was the first concert you went to?

The Ramones circa 1981-82

11) Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Cher, when she was on the Sonny and Cher show and sang Half Breed in her American Indian costume. I was wild for that whole Pocahontas sexy Indian thing.

12) Describe your perfect yoga shorts.

Yoga like poetry has the luxury of poetic license. I don’t mind a dangling participle or open quotations once in a while…express yourself…let your freak flag fly…we all didn’t just step off the Mayflower.

13) What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

If I only had 1 more hour of sleep…I am so NOT a morning person.

14) What’s your sign and birthday?

Aquarius Feb 17th 1967

15) Have you ever been in love?

Yes and many times it turned out to be simply a strong case of pure lust. It took me a while to distinguish between the two…but I am lucky in love at the moment.

16) Say one nice thing about the person who first told you about Bikram

Yoga. Franski!

17) Words or phrases you overuse:

I want to introduce the word “Yogafried” into the Bikram lexicon. I hope one day it is incorporated into the dialogue. Please use it…and often.

18) What song(s) best describe you?

It’s the singer not the song. I’m a Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Bill Withers kind of guy…throw some Lou Reed in the mix too. The thing about all those guys is they don’t really sing that well but they are so compelling to listen to.

19) Do you remember what your first Bikram class was like?

It was a 4th of July and I muscled my way through because I wouldn’t believe yoga was hard…it definitely earned my deepest respect that day.

20) What was the first album you purchased with your own money?

Bob Segar and The Silver Bullet Band…but before that I vividly remember my Dad buying Johnny Cash Live At San Quentin from Korvettes and sitting and listening with him and brother and sister and thinking…damn that is cool.

21) What’s your guilty pleasure?

22) Do you have a “most memorable Bikram moment”?

I am glad I remember what it feels like after class on those tough days.

23) If you could have any job, what would it be?

A successful songwriter

24) What’s your more favorite smell?

I love my wife’s geranium oil. It turns me into a wild animal.

25) What’s your favorite place to hang out in the Lower East Side (besides Bikram of course)?

Music venues like The Living Room or Rockwells when it isn’t wall to wall crowded.