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Pregnancy and Yoga

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If you’re an experienced Bikram yogi, you can continue practicing with us once you’re pregnant. Here are some tips and pics showing you how the postures are modified during your pregnancy, but remember to talk to us first, and always consult your doctor about your practice.

During pregnancy, you’ll have a hormone called relaxin moving through the body, which softens bones and joints to prepare you for giving birth.

This can make you vulnerable to over-stretching because you may feel like you are more open, but not necessarily stronger. Because of this, be avoid going further into poses than your accustomed to.

Secondly, make sure you ease off on the abs during pregnancy. Less abdominal support will mean less support for the lower back, so again, go easy.

And another thing..if you’ve never done Bikram Yoga before, we recommend you wait until after giving birth before you join us in the hot room…we’ll be waiting!

See the pregnancy postures here »