172 Allen Street, 2nd floor (btwn Stanton & Rivington)

Join the Hottest Hot Yoga Studio in NYC!

Welcome to Bikram Yoga Lower East Side, the hottest place in New York for hot yoga

Bikram Yoga Lower East Side opened its door August 14, 2004. This studio was built with love by a crew of great friends led by artist/carpenter extraordinaire Karlis Rekevics. Their special touches are everywhere.

We built you a beautiful studio, equipped with one humdinger of a furnace, sparkling showers, and some sweet smellin’ carpet – and we’ve kept it hot and fresh. You will find smiling instructors and lots of hot friends, new and old. One of those hot friends, Gunny, made this website for me, then hot yogi and Astrotwin Tali Edut updated it, and now Kenneth Feldman has helped us work it over and make it as hot as possible. It’s your online place to explore Bikram Yoga.

Come here to learn about your instructors, your studio, and your community. We’ve got details about hot events at the studio, in the neighborhood, and involving your fellow yogis. We’ve got hot resources to help keep you healthy and happy. We’ve got great deals for you with our Hottie Pass. We’ve got everything you need to know to keep your practice hot pink and sweaty. This site and the studio are hot. They’re yours. They’re Bikram Yoga Lower East Side.

What I Strive to Give You at Bikram Yoga Lower East Side

What I Will Not Give You at Bikram Yoga Lower East Side

Please come and discover some things you like about your body, about your determination, about the way you glow when you’re sweaty and smiling. Take me up on my offer to relax, to meet new people, and to live how you want to live.

I’m thrilled you’ve found this website and I’m looking so forward to meeting you in the hot room. Remember – just $25 buys you an entire first week of yoga. So why not start today?