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Health Benefits of Bikram Yoga for ALL Ages and Fitness Levels

What’s so Hot about Hot Yoga?

At Bikram Yoga Lower East Side we feature the most exciting, effective, fun and fantastic Hot Yoga class in the world. Stretching, sweating, and smiling in our beautiful new studio will do more for your health, body, and general well-being than you ever imagined possible.

Bikram Yoga is a very precisely designed yoga series that takes you through 26 postures, warming and stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons in the order in which they should be stretched. To hop into pose 15, for instance, without having prepared the necessary muscles, could have the same unhappy results as jumping off the subway and straight into the splits. Oouch. Bikram’s series is UNIQUE in the way that each posture prepares the body for the posture that follows. The result is a very safe, effective, holistic series that can be practiced by anyone of ANY AGE or FITNESS LEVEL.

How does it work?

Bikram Yoga works by something called the tourniquet effect: stretching, balancing, and creating pressure all at the same time to restrict blood flow to certain parts of the body. As you work to maintain a posture, a flood gate effect is created so when you release out of a pose, blood rushes through the veins and arteries, flushing them out and delivering freshly oxygenated blood to the body. People who practice Bikram Yoga report that it helps them achieve the weight that’s right for their body, that they have improved muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a overall sense of feeling great.

When he designed this yoga, Bikram paid a lot of attention to crafting a series that would strengthen every part of the body. As a result, Bikram Yoga is a form of exercise that offers benefits to EVERYONE. To guide students through the yoga, Bikram wrote an exacting, step-by-step instruction method. This instruction leads students into and out of poses in a careful and deliberate manner. Finally, the series is practiced in a heated room, allowing a deeper stretch with less risk of injury, increasing the heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout, and detoxifying the body by letting toxins escape via the sweat.

Who’s that instructor?

Every class is led by a certified Bikram Method instructor (see all instructors here), following Bikram’s prescribed method. The instructor breaks down each of the 26 postures into easily followed directions, so that even the most inexperienced and inflexible beginner can learn how to assume a posture safely. At the same time, these instructions (referred to as “the Bikram dialogue”) provide more advanced practitioners with the details they need to refine their postures and gain a deeper level of understanding of the yoga and their bodies. Bikram Yoga is yoga for all ages, all levels of abilities and all body types. And it works.

To learn more about Bikram Yoga and how it is practiced around the world, please visit the official Bikram Yoga College of India Heaquarter’s website .