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20. Fixed Firm Pose


For some this pose is a breeze, for others it’s torture. Just a reminder that we all have different bodies, different injuries and different capabilities. While some people easily slide into this pose, others feel it in the knees, ankles or lower back.

Set up by sitting in between the heels, feet facing upwards and knees together. If there is sharp pain in the knees, separate them a little, but keep the feet hugging the sides of the hips.

This pose will heal and improve weak or injured knees, but the knees must stay grounded throughout the entire pose.

Progress into the posture by placing the hands on the soles of the feet with the fingers facing forward. Lower back one elbow at a time, then look back and let the top of your head drop back. Slowly lower your shoulders onto the floor as you slide your elbows out, resting the upper back on the floor.

Raise the arms overhead, latch onto opposite elbows and press the arms and shoulders down, bringing them flat on the floor. With the chin tucked into the chest, press back with the arms and lift the ribs up to feel the chest stretch. Simultaneously ground the knees and feel the stretch along the stomach, hip flexors, front thighs and knees.

Relax deeper into the pose by breathing, bringing the knees closer together on the floor and pressing the buttocks into the floor.

Remember, the knees must not lift off the floor in this pose. Initially, this may mean not lowering back all the way and widening the knees. Listen to your knees and if needed, use your hands to support your body weight.

Breath here and hold for 20 seconds.

Come out of the pose slowly, the same way you went into the posture, using one elbow at a time.


Don’t Cheat