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18. Full Locust


Time to target the mid-spine. From a belly down position on the towel, turn the chin in and stretch the arms out to the side in line with the shoulders, palms down.

Keep the legs, knees and feet together and make sure they stay active throughout the pose, with the calves, thighs and buttocks tight.

Exhale completely, then inhale and take off!

Lift the arms, legs, chest, head, torso, everything up off the floor. Keep the gaze lifted to direct the whole body to lift. Draw the arms back with the fingers in line with the top off the shoulders and the palms facing the floor.

To arch the body more, use the back muscles, keep the legs and arms straight and engaged and use your core strength.

Keep flying, keep breathing, and one day you may find yourself balanced on the abdomen!

Hold for 10 seconds, 80-20 breathing.


Don’t Cheat