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16. Cobra


Bhujangasana is the first posture of the spine strengthening series and targets the lower back.

Set up by laying on the belly with the palms flat on floor, directly underneath the shoulders, fingertips in line with the tops of the shoulders. Keep the legs and feet together and keep them strongly stretched down and back.

Draw the shoulders down and keep the elbows in close to the ribs.

Inhale and raise the torso off the floor to the belly button, using the strength of the spine and legs rather than the arms – it’s not a push up.

Keep arching the head and torso back until the belly button just touches the floor. Keep the gaze slightly raised and the weight off the hands.

The elbows stay in tight to the side body and the face is relaxed whilst hold for 20 seconds, 80-20 breathing.

Lower the chin to the floor, turn to one side, savasana.


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