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Love Your Body!

Lady Gaga made headlines recently with the launch of the Body Revolution 2013 campaign.  After years of being under the scrutiny of the media about her body, Gaga decided to take back the power by starting a dialogue and photo campaign through LitteMonsters.com.  Creating a space for her fans to share their own stories of struggle and triumph around body acceptance issues, the website is being flooded with photos, confessions, and powerful, personal manifestos as little monsters make an empowering pledges to love their bodies despite our many differences.

A familiar face appeared on the Little Monsters blog in support of this crucial effort, our very own Tricia Donegan:

“I practice compassion 
I practice compassion when I value my body over my words. 
I practice compassion when I am compared to 29 yr old models turned yogis with book deals and DVD’s 
I practice compassion to find confidence thru being vulnerable 
I practice compassion when a client lists the surgeries I need to make it in this business, in this world 
I practice compassion when my happiness is attached to a scale 
I practice patience while my time, energy, and focus goes towards my body rather than my family, my life 
I practice compassion that I DO make a difference 
I have been practicing and breeding compassion since 2000. 

 Tricia is pictured here covered in Join The Resistance/Love Your Body stickers, a campaign initiated by the New York City Endangered Bodies Project.   The Endangered Body Project is movement focused around cherishing bodies of various shapes, sizes, colors and ages. “Through activism, we share our aim to expose the industries that profit from body insecurity, to challenge sexual objectification, to call out size discrimination, and to create social conditions which will enable girls & boys to grow up loving — not hating or rejecting — their bodies (via Leah Kramnick,  psychotherapist and member of Endangered Bodies).”

 The sticker movement is the first public action of the NYC Endangered Bodies chapter. Thousands of stickers are being distributed throughout the city and people are encouraged to post them on public advertising, and to share them in schools and businesses. Visit their website newyork.endangeredbodies.org to find out how you can get involved with the sticker initiative!

While it is no secret that many of us practice yoga to help us feel good about our bodies, sometimes to loose weight, sometimes to feel better after an injury or illness, and the journey towards self-acceptance isn’t an easy one–especially when we’re all bombarded with images of an ideal that is always just out of reach.  Eating disorders and  compulsive behavior around food and exercise run rampant through NYC.  It’s important for each of us to remember to be kind to ourselves, regardless of  where we are in our journey.  We must fight to hold onto one of the main lessons of Bikram Yoga– to be so totally present that there isn’t any room for harsh self judgement and criticism. And there’s another vital lesson we learn, when we’re in an extra-crowded, sweaty room during Poorna-Salabhasana or Full Locust Pose, and that is to hold each other up!

Join Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution on LittleMonsters.com, and follow the Endangered Bodies Project on Facebook and Twitter.