172 Allen Street, 2nd floor (btwn Stanton & Rivington)


Last Friday’s NITE SWEATS , co-sponsored by Women for Obama, was one of the those moments when I felt absolutely giddy with excitement to be part of the amazing community of Bikram LES.  I have never experienced anything quite like it.  Part political rally, part yoga class, part dance party, Tricia began the class with the soundtrack of a remixed Obama speech, and after class Stephanie Schweitzer  from Women for Obama shared flyers and information about how we can all get involved in the upcoming election. So much is at stake this fall! The restrictions on women’s right to choose, on civil liberties, health care, etc etc. We’ll all be in trouble if the wrong dude is taking office in January.

So what can we do?  Well for starters, make sure you are registered and vote. Then make sure all of your friends do the same.  But that’s not enough.

Stephanie, who got involved involved with Women for Obama in July as the assistant to the organizations director, has been working on events that attract women as well as younger voters.  She tells us this:

“It may be easy to develop the attitude of, ‘there’s nothing to do here, NY is a blue state, my vote isn’t that important.’ We are a bit sheltered here in NYC–we aren’t exposed to the barrage of campaign and Super PAC ads–persuasive but often based on distortions and untruths–and it can be easy to forget what’s at stake, what could be lost if our President is not reelected on November 6th.  Its also easy to forget that the margins are so thin.  As Michelle Obama said in her speech at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, ‘we must work like never before.’”

We need to  give some love to the swing states! And this election, New York has adopted Pennsylvania as the state that needs our love. Stephanie told us that if Obama wins Pennsylvania, he will win the presidency.  There are weekly bus trips to PA where we can canvass and speak to voters and make sure they understand what’s up and how important their votes are.  But if traveling is difficult for you, there are phone banks all over the city as well as fundraising events.

Visit  www.barackobama.com.  Under the “Get Involved” menu there will be a link, “Find an upcoming Event.”  From here you can enter in your zip code and the site will provide you with a list of all that is going on in your area.

And if folks want to get involved with Women for Obama specifically, they can email Stephanie at women4obamany@gmail.com.

Let’s do this, Lower East Side!