172 Allen Street, 2nd floor (btwn Stanton & Rivington)


Friday (9/7) is NITE SWEATS! After a brief summer hiatus, we are back– first Friday of the month, late night hot yoga accented with mood lighting and the club jams of your dreams. All led by our fearless leader, Tricia Donegan.

For those of you who haven’t experienced Nite Sweats, you are seriously missing out. Unless, of course, you are a totally boring loser who hates amazing dance parties attended by hot, half-naked people.  HELLO! Last time we held Standing Bow to a Stevie Nicks/Britney Spears mash-up.


But it isn’t just a party.  Nite Sweats has helped raise over $25,000 over the past four years for the Lower East Side Girls Club, an incredibly special community organization that offers all kinds of programs and opportunities for young women ages 8-23.

“The Lower Eastside Girls Club provides a place where girls and young women 8-23 can grow, learn, have fun, and develop confidence in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world. By delivering strong arts, literacy, science, health and leadership programs we provide girls with the vision to plan – and the tools to build – their future. All Girls Club programs develop environmental, entrepreneurial and ethical leadership in the girls we serve.”

So while you’re sweating, breathing, dancing, and/or checking out the hot body bathed in hot pink light next to you, your $10 suggested donation is helping to bring even more fierceness to our Lower East Side neighborhood.

But wait, there’s more! This month NITE SWEATS is declared OBAMA ASANA and is being co-sponsored by Women for Obama!  Members of Women for Obama will be in the studio to tell us how we can get involved in the upcoming election.  Stay tuned for the next blog with tips on how you can SWEAT THE VOTE!