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Most of us yogis (and “regular” people too) remember to hydrate in the brutal NYC summer months. We carry around our eco-friendly water bottles, guzzle down coconut water, eat fresh fruits and veggies, popsicles, juices, etc.  We’re hot, we’re sweating, we want more water. But as the seasons start to change and the air gets cooler, it is important for us to not forget that hydration is just as important!

Some like to swap their cold water bottles for a hot thermos and sip on herbal teas, or hot water throughout the day. In the “torture chamber” I tend to stick with cold or room temperature water, but I’ve known a few yogis who drink hot water inside the room too!

Fruits and vegetables also help with hydration, and fortunately we live in a city with lots of markets where we can get a variety of these year-round.  Fruits like peaches, cantaloupe and strawberries contain potassium, which is an electrolyte we lose when we sweat.  Watermelon and citrus fruits have Vitamin C, which in addition to being important to immune defense, is also great for your skin!  Low sodium soups are also fantastic for hydration in the winter months.

At Bikram LES we keep the fridge stocked with JuiceWell juices, SmartWater, Zico, and Real Coconut water , to keep you hydrated before and after class!

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