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Dyamic Duo: Olivia Anselmo & Corinne Idzal


If you’ve been hanging around Bikram Lower East Side for a minute, you’ve probably noticed some posters featuring two lovely ladies and Bikram LES instructors Corinne Idzal and Olivia Anselmo.  These two powerhouses have been working together to create workshops to help us yoga students deepen our practice through gaining a more detailed understanding of our anatomies, physiologies, as well as a taking a holistic approach to mind, body, and nutritional wellness.  They met as Bikram instructors and Corinne likes to say that Olivia is the “yin to her yang.”  They each bring something unique to their workshops but share common goals of helping their students and sharing their passions for yoga and teaching.

They recently taught their Your Body & Your Yoga workshop which culminated in a class in the Bikram Lower East Side.  Dedicated Bikram LES student Lisa Lefebvre participated in the workshop.  Lisa began practicing yoga three years ago after a mastectomy left her with chronic pain and scar tissue when her body rejected the prosthesis.  Bikram has helped her get her life back, to build up strength, and relieve the pain.

Corinne and Olivia’s workshop helped her gain a nuanced understanding of the Bikram postures, and this information has helped Lisa’s practice.  “I grew up as an athlete,” Lisa explained, “so I know that I will master something if I practice enough.  Corinne and Olivia did a terrific job explaining the physiology behind the poses, and what the purpose of each posture is.  Many I thought were about stretching were actually about compression.  Once you know that, you can reset your practice.”

Corinne demonstrates at the Your Body & Your Yoga workshop


Corinne and Olivia were equally impressed with the students who attended the workshop.  “Participants were very involved and asked detailed and thoughtful questions relating to their anatomy, physiology, and posture alignment,” Olivia noted.

Can we expect more workshops from Corinne and Olivia?  Definitely.  “We will definitely be doing more ‘Your Body & Your Yoga’ workshops in the city, country, and around the world,” Corinne says. “We really believe we have created something unique and informative that is relevant to both teachers and students alike.”

For more information on Corinne and Olivia’s workshops, like them on Facebook, or check the teaching schedule and come take a class with one of them in the Hot Pink Box!